About Us

We are a bunch of shopaholics for books and we love to read. Since we all live in very small apartments, we decide to sell our books to make room.  We bought our books brand new and many of them we haven't even had time to read yet.  Our books are all in very good condition.  In the past, we tried selling them on Amazon.com.  In 2011, we decided to sell our books here on our own site so we can pass our savings of listing fees and commission we paid to Amazon to our fellow book lovers who love to read. Since we started listing our books for sale in 2011, we named this blog Book Mart 2011.

We have realized that fictions literally have not much resale value regardless of the new conditions, so we actually just give them away for free.

We update our list of free books periodically, so please follow us  to check out newly added free books.  Thank you in advance for saving the trees and also helping us make room in our tiny apartments.  We look forward to helping you save money on great readings in return.  If you have read any of the books that we listed here, you are welcome to post your book review in the comment areas.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.